Sports Hernia

A Sports Hernia is a tear in the lower abdominal muscles or tendons resulting in exertional pain. A sports hernia more specifically is a tear in the inguinal floor, or a tear in the oblique muscles. This differs from an inguinal hernia because the colon is not the part responsible for the protrusion, rather it is the muscle.

Causes & Symptoms

Activities with explosive or repetitive motions predispose people to sports hernias.

Pain can be from a single incident or gradual. Pain is often felt in the pubic region just below the belt line with activity and can be painless at rest.

Evaluation & Treatment

Evaluation of a sports hernia begins with a medical history and physical exam. The best way to diagnose a sports hernia is through an MRI or bone scan of the pelvis.

Initial treatment includes rest, anti-inflammatory medications, activity modificaiton, and physical therapy. Therapy includes ultrasound, trunk stabilization, lower abdominals strengthening, and adductor strengthening.

In rare cases surgery is indicated. In this case an abdominal surgeon repairs the pelvic floor, use mesh fibers to reattach partial tears, or perform an adductor release to relieve pressure off the inguinal ligament.